INSPEC, Ltd. offers complete Advanced Parametric 3D CAD Design. Along with cutting edge reverse engineering technology, we can also deliver and modify your 3D CAD design.
If you have the system but not the data, that is where we come into play. We can reverse engineer your complex or simple system and deliver a workable solution for your design engineering needs.
There is no longer the need for you to ship your parts or assembly to an off-site inspection service. We travel to your location and perform a complete on-site analysis without disruption..
Do you have a large part or component system with a complex inspection analysis routine? That's no problem for INSPEC, Ltd. We employ the FARO Tracker brand system for ultra-precise measurements every time.



Having the best data you can acquire is key to any reverse engineering project in today's competitive marketplace. INSPEC, Ltd. offers complete and competitive rates for our services and can partner with you on projects from small to international in scope.

Measurement, Design, Engineering. These are the steps that we specialize in that will help guarantee your success. Out three main areas of focus work separately, and harmoniously as a unit if needed. Before you hire a complete staff for a project, contact us for more information about how we can help you collaborate and succeed.


  • FARO Arm
  • Engineering
  • W.A.L.S.
  • Inspection
  • FARO Tracker
  • D.F.M.
  • Alignment
  • CAD Design

Contact us today and find out how to make the most of your engineering, manufacturing, and design projects.

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Measurement Services

INSPEC, Ltd. offers complete measurement and inspection services..

  • On-site Inspection (FARO Arm CMM)
  • On-site Inspection (FARO Tracker)
  • On-site Inspection (FARO Focus3D X330)
  • PPAP and First Article
  • Quality Supplier Audit
  • Floor Flatness Inspection
  • Fabrication Inspection
  • Off-site Inspection (Lab)

Design Services

From 2D standard drawings to complete 3D parametric models, we can design it.

  • CAD Design
  • SolidWorks
  • Siemens NX
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • CAE Engineering
  • 2D/3D Drawing Generation
  • 2D and 3D Documentation
  • Product Animation

Engineering Services

We can help if you are running behind or just low on in-house engineering talent.

  • 3D Printing
  • Prototype Builds
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Thermal Photography
  • HD Material Photography
  • Component Animations
  • Assembly Animations

our working processin 3 steps

If you are at the point where time and money are both in critically short supply, don't worry - we are here to help you. Upfront planning, no matter how well done, is often a luxury that many of our clients are not given. We understand JIT (Just In Time).

planning & strategy

We work with you to know your project in and out. We plan on the most efficient way to complete your inspection, design, or engineering job.

design & develop

From clean sheet design to complex 2D or 3D revisions and updates, we can help you get your design to completion. Our CAD is powerful.

test & deliver

We make sure it's right. Whether it's an inspection to ISO standards, or a complex CAD design/engineering project, we double check our work and get it to you fast.

Measurement & Inspection

Getting it right the first time.

At INSPEC, Ltd. we pride ourselves on accuracy and speed. We never sacrifice one for the other, but instead find creative solutions to measurement and inspection problems. By partnering with companies like FAROAutodesk, and other industry leaders, we consistently hold our edge over the competition.

Our on-site measurement solutions come equipped with all the equipment and training to handle your needs.

A typical inspection session can last anywhere from one to eight hours and is priced accordingly. These sessions include:

  • Required measurement equipment
  • FARO Arm, FARO Tracker, FARO Focus3D, etc.
  • All necessary CAD software
  • Notebook/laptop with measuremnt software
  • Customer interface information
  • All necessary trained personel


Advanced CAD Design

The world works in 3D. So should you.

In today's world, 3D CAD isn't a luxury item anymore - its a necessity. Not having it can spell disaster for your project and your business overall. Many smaller firms use INSPEC, Ltd. to fill the void between traditional 2D drawings and more advanced 3D CAD.

If your company is need of a true hired-gun when it comes to 3D CAD, then we are the people you need to talk to.

We currently support over 30+ different CAD packages as well as all neutral formats (i.e. .step, .iges, .dxf, etc.).

Our backgrounds in automotive, aerospace & defense, machine design, advanced prototyping, general mechanical, and many other areas comes along with the package as they say. Before you outsource your drawings and models to another country give us a call and find out how easy it is to work with us.

One of the great new tools we use is called OnShape. If you are in the market for the next big thing in CAD.

Reverse Engineering

Data capture and revision experts.

Many of our clients have the same problem. They have the component or assembly, but no drawings or CAD data to use as a reference in either manufacturing or revision/improvement cycles. In the past it could take days or weeks to create suitable data that was, at best, a close facsimile of the actual part in question. Today we can capture that data at the speed of light - literally.

By using cutting edge technology like 3D laser scanning, INSPEC, Ltd. can capture and re-create your existing models and prepare them for updates and revisions in almost all major CAD packages.

  • Some of our technology includes:
  • High-speed laser scanning
  • Touchprobe (tactile) measurement systems
  • Non-contact measurement systems
  • CT/CAT based scanning
  • X-Ray services
  • High-speed Video Capture
  • Thermal Imaging